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Interest Groups
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*Art Appreciation , HVH, 4th Wednesday in the month, 10:30am
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*Arts and Craft, HVH, 3rd Tuesday ITM, 2:00pm
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Books and Reading, Bolsover Library, 2nd Monday ITM, 2:00pm,
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Complementary Therapies, HVH, 2nd Monday ITM, 10:00am
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Creative Writing, BL, 4th Wednesday ITM, 2:00pm
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Current Affairs Discussion, BL, 2nd Thursday ITM, 2:00pm
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Digital Photography, HVH, 1st Tuesday ITM, 2:00pm
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Family History, BL, 1st Friday ITM, 1.30pm. 
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History, HVH, 4th Tuesday ITM, 2:00pm
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