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Derbyshire u3a Network

40th Anniversary Joint Events

The attached map illustrates the whole route, starting in Derby on Wednesday 7th September and finishing there on Friday 23rd September.


Dear Walking Group Coordinator,

At the recent Network meeting many ideas and suggestions for joint u3a events to celebrate the u3a's 40th Anniversary were put forward. One of the most popular was a walking event of some sort, and from this a 'Walking Baton Relay' between all the Derbyshire u3a's has emerged.


Take the challenge and become part of this colossal event during September!


The basic idea is for each u3a to walk to its neighbouring u3a and pass on a baton, eventually linking up all the Derbyshire Network u3a's.


Hopefully, this event will raise the profile of the u3a generally and Derbyshire u3a's in particular.

There will be lots of opportunities to promote your own u3a as well.


In order for this event to be successful, all Derbyshire u3a's are being asked to participate and support each other in completing this challenge.


Linking together


Each u3a shall take responsibility for:

  • Mapping your own route from  your town to the neighbouring u3a; using footpaths, tracks, bridleways, by-ways and quiet roads where possible.

  • Deciding where your start point will be

  • Deciding where the finish point for the incoming u3a group will be on the day before your walk (where you will receive the baton). Please consider a suitable place where car parks / public transport are available near by

  • Receiving the baton on the day before your walk

  • Passing the baton to the u3a group following you, at the end of your walk


All walks between the u3a's will be linear walks, therefore you should carefully consider how your group of walkers will return home, e.g. walk back; use public transport; organise a car pick-up


Your elected Finish Point (on the day before your own walk) may be different from your Start Point on the day of your walk, especially if you are a large town and you wish to avoid walking on busy streets.

Example: Dronfield:

Finish Point for walkers from Hope Valley: Sindelfingen Park (on the west/south of Dronfield)

Start point (on the next day): Dronfield Nature Park (on the east of Dronfield) heading towards Chesterfield


The dates of the Walking Baton Relay have been set to coincide with u3a Week. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to alter the dates to suit individual u3a's. It is appreciated that many groups will be walking their stage on a different day to their normal walking day. Consider it a bonus!!




Supporting each other


Some of the walking stages are likely to be longer than your group normally walks. There are a variety of ways in which you could manage this:

  • Split the stage into manageable sections and organise your walkers into groups and each group walks a short section

  • Arrange with the u3a that you are walking towards, to walk to meet you at a suitable place to receive the baton - to reduce the mileage for you. (This will mean that one u3a group will walk on two consecutive days)

  • Ask for additional support, and walkers from another u3a will help you complete your stage.



Adverse Weather Conditions


In the event of adverse weather conditions which prevents your u3a from completing your stage of the Baton Relay, it will be totally acceptable for you to travel to the next u3a by car or public transport to pass on the baton.

The Derbyshire Network of u3as


Photography Competition

The closing date for entries is August 31st 2022 and we hope to have completed judging in time to announce results on u3a Day, 21st September 2022.

To celebrate u3a at Forty and u3a Week

u3a is forty this year. As part of our local celebrations, the Derbyshire network of u3as is holding a photographic competition. It’s open to all members of all the eighteen u3as in the County, whether they belong to a u3a photography group or not, whether they use their phone or a separate camera to make their pictures.

We hope that each u3a will publish the entries and results on their own website and they will also appear on the Derbyshire site.

We will tell Third Age Matters about the competition and hope they will publish the leading entries.

A panel will rate pictures for interest, humour, topicality and relevance rather than technical quality alone.

You can enter pictures in either or both of two sections:

“The Spirit of Derbyshire”


“The Spirit of u3a”

To make an entry you need to be able to attach your pictures to an email:

  • Save your picture as a file of up to 10 MB

  • Give it a filename in this form: u3acmpyournameimagename.

    So, if your name is Joan Smith and your picture is called “Derbyshire Dawn” the filename would be u3acmpjoansmithderbyshiredawn

• You can enter as many pictures as you wish, up to three in each section.

• Send them as attachments to an email to:

The closing date for entries is August 31st 2022 and we hope to have completed judging in time to announce results on u3a Day, 21st September 2022.

Please set your entry email out like this so we know in which section you are entering each of your pictures and people in the picture are happy about use of their images

Your Name

Your u3a

Your u3a Membership Number

Filenames of attached entries in “The Spirit of Derbyshire” section

Filenames of attached entries in “The Spirit of u3a” section

People in my pictures have been consulted as set out in the instructions for the competition and are happy for the images to be used as described there.

Consulting people in your photos about the use of their images.

We can only accept pictures including people where assurance is given that the advice has been followed, unless the pictures are clearly of large groups or distant individuals in a public space.

Guidance on Photographs showing People

In general, photographs of people in public places are not personal information under the General Data Protection Regulations. See this guidance on the legal position: photographs-in-public-places/

So, if you took a news-type picture of the Ashbourne football, for example, you would not need to ask every player for consent, as the match takes place in public.

However, when pictures are taken of small groups and/or in private settings such as a u3a group meeting, it is good practice to give the subjects of pictures the ability to consent to their images being held and used, and subsequently to withdraw this consent if they want the picture withdrawn or not used again.

So, this guidance would apply to u3a group activities or if you took a picture of a non u3a group activity like a small sports team or a well dressing being prepared.

Explain you are taking a photo which may appear on u3a web sites and in publicity about u3a.

Give people the chance to step out of your shot if they wish. and mention they can ask for a picture to be withdrawn from use after it is published, by contacting the u3a or the publication where it appeared.

You might want to use a picture taken at a larger meeting, like a u3a meeting, and here it would be good practice again to let everyone know what the picture is for and that they can step out of shot if they wish.

If you have any queries about the competition, please email

Photo competition
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